Displaying Polaroids

Our friend's grandfather taken with a Polaroid camera some time during the 1960s. I float-mounted the Polaroid inside of an 8" x 8" glass frame.

Between my posts about the Moment Lenses, I wanted to share with readers my technique for displaying Polaroids. A friend of ours recently asked me to frame a cherished Polaroid of her grandfather taken some time during the 60s. Her father had kept the Polaroid in his wallet for a number of years resulting in a well loved, but damaged picture. The friend wanted the Polaroid framed before it became completely destroyed. I do not have the skills to scan and restore old photos and encouraged her to do so. One of the challenges for me was to mount and frame the Polaroid so that if in the future our friend wanted to have a restored photograph it could be easily removed and scanned.

The Polaroid was carefully attached to a small piece of foam core.

I typically mount my Polaroids to a Polaroid Print Mount. These self-adhesive cardboard mounts were sold by Polaroid and helped prevent instant photographs from getting creases, tears, and other damage. The more modern mounts included a template for the owner to record information such as the subject, date, name, address, and additional copies of the Polaroid. I chose not to mount our friend's Polaroid to a print mount because I was worried that it might further damage the delicate picture. Instead, I used a non-toxic adhesive to carefully attach the Polaroid to a small piece of foam core. By float-mounting the Polaroid, it provides a pleasing separation between the image and its background (another piece of foam core).


Our friend's Polaroid of her grandfather (on the left) and Olive (on the right) from the series, Olive in the Wild. 

This is my favorite method for displaying my Polaroids. While it takes some time and patience, it is rewarding to show off one's works of art. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in having one or several Polaroids framed. If readers are interested in doing this on their own here is a link with a more detailed description explaining how I frame my Polaroids.