Using Moment Lenses

The family and I just returned from our vacation to the Great North Woods of Wisconsin. I took with me my entire mobile photography kit including all four of the Moment lenses. These include a wide, telephoto, macro, and super fish lens. I shot with all but the macro lens and will use it later to take some extreme close-ups of the rocks and other items my daughter picked up along the way.

For those who are new to mobile photography, having a lens (or two) helps to change things up  a bit. While it's not necessary to have one, I enjoy the extra field of view a wide angle lens provides. The Moment Wide lens provides two times the coverage compared to my iPhone 6's lens by itself. (The Moment Wide is an 18mm lens whereas the iPhone is around 30mm.) I even use it when shooting videos. It is especially helpful when taking photographs in tight places such as a hotel room. All of the Moment lenses are well made using both metal and glass. They mount to the Moment phone case or a small metal plate that easily attaches to just about every smart phone and most of the Apple iPads. Check out the Moment website for more details.

I look forward to sharing more about the Moment lenses and cases. Please know that I am in no way receiving any type of compensation from Moment. I simply believe they make an excellent product that takes one's mobile photography and videography to the next level and beyond.

Check out some of the photos below that I took with my Moment Wide lens and the Moment app.

Welcome to Minocqua. This photo was taken using my iPhone 6s Plus and the Moment Wide lens. I also used the Moment app to capture the image.

Besties! This photo of our daughter (on the left) was taken using the Moment Wide lens. I love the wide angle perspective it offers for these kinds of photos.

Miniature Golf. This late night photo was taken with the Moment Wide lens.