2014, The Nostalgic Tourist

The focus of this photography exhibit is an exploration of The Great Frederick Fair through the vantage point of a tourist. Its intent is to provide viewers with an interpretation of the experiences considered most meaningful to someone who is for the first time visiting a tradition that has been around for over 150 years. The Frederick Fair combines commercialism and agriculture to produce an experience unique to first time visitors, but is second nature to those of us who have grown up attending The Great Frederick Fair.

Sadly, I never finished this project. Of course, is any art project ever finished? Just as I developed grand plans for purchasing boxes of film and spending days at the fair Fuji announced their decision to cease production of peel-apart film. Devastated, I went into a photographer's depression where nothing really mattered, not even eating or sleeping. Seriously, though, I was saddened by Fuji's decision and shelved the project for other ideas. I still enjoy the Frederick Fair and continue to take photographs every year. Eventually, I would like to put together an exhibit of sorts that combines my instant photographs with whatever else I come up with. For now, I love the memories I have of my daughter's first visit to the fair.