John Picuri, Christmas, 1970

The latest addition to my Found Polaroids is the John Picuri Collection, Christmas, 1970. I recently purchased a photo album from Vincentown, New Jersey complete with Polaroids. As always, I was after the Polaroid album first and the photos second. This series of approximately 70 Polaroids spans the years 1970 to 1971. Several of the Polaroids have dates written on the reverse side and one contains a calendar in the background. Hovering over each picture will reveal additional information such as the manufacturer’s code or handwritten notes.

Polaroid #7. Written on the back is, "Taken by John Picuri Christmas 1970."

While this is not perhaps one of my more exciting finds, it does offer up some interesting pictures. The collection of Polaroids are of a typical 1970s family living in, I believe, New Jersey. They are of a husband, wife, their two sons, and what appears to be extended family or friends. The collection is presented in the order in which the Polaroids were stored in the photo album. I’m never too certain if the order is of any significance, but I always adhere to this rule of presentation. I have also included the manufacturing code from the back of each Polaroid. This also aids in continuity. I wonder what happened to the in-between Polaroids that didn’t make it into the family photo album? The seasons and holidays from each photograph follow a chronological order.

The series starts out with what appears to be a small office Christmas party followed by decorating the family Christmas tree and then the opening of presents on Christmas Day. These are followed by pictures of friends and family also helping to celebrate the holiday season. Christmas is followed by Easter and then a family vacation to the beach. The series wraps back around to the following Christmas. Interestingly (at least to me) the last photograph of the collection is not a Polaroid. Instead, it’s a 3 ½” x 3 ½” photograph of a group of seven teenagers at the beach. Written on the back of the small picture is, “Harvey Cedars August, 1971.” This beach is located in New Jersey and the only clue as to where the photographs were taken.

Like all of my collections of Found Polaroids, I have my favorites. For this series these include Polaroids 53 and 54. Taken while on vacation, these two instant pictures embody everything I remember about the early 70s; the clothing, swimsuits, and the people in the pictures (including their poses). These two photographs are not too different from the ones taken today when vacationing with family and friends.

Please let me know what you think of this series of Polaroids, and feel free to contact me with questions or comments!