Instant Photography

What brings you happiness? For me it is looking at instant photos with my family that I’ve taken over the years. My wife and I decided to do some tidying up after watching several episodes of Marie Kondo on Netflix. We started in our office, which has gone untouched for nearly two years. I’m mostly to blame for the mess, but my wife was gracious enough to accept some of the responsibility as well.

First Snow Day of the Year! 1-14-2019

First Snow Day of the Year! 1-14-2019

While straightening things up, throwing out unused items, and starting a pile for our local Goodwill I came across a number of instant photos. For whatever reason I had not placed them in a photo album. Many of the photos are undated, but I can remember when and where I took them. A few of the images caught me off guard because they were taken so quickly, tucked away in my camera bag, brought home, and then forgotten. Photographs I didn’t think turned out so well at the time are now a treasure to me. It might be an over or underexposed photo of my children, but it’s the memory that matters. It might have been a walk from the swimming pool to the car, or a double exposure of someone doing something silly. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m glad I kept the photograph because I can remember the moment. I can almost remember my mood, and I can remember the mood of the others when I took the photograph. Looking through all of the instant pictures I’ve taken over the last seven to eight years is very cathartic. It’s a happy walk down a happy memory lane. It’s something I need, we all need, these days.

I’m grateful for instant film in spite of it’s cost. Although I take fewer of them today than I did years ago, I make sure that the ones I do take are meaningful to me. What about my readers? What memories would or do you record and when do you take the time to look back over them? Do forgotten memories come flooding back to you?