The Rudolph Grotto Gardens

There’s even a small museum complete with the history and photographs of the Grotto.

My family and I recently spent time with my father-in-law and his wife in Wisconsin Rapids. They took us to an unusual place just outside of Rapids called the Rudolph Grotto Gardens (located in Rudolph, Wisconsin, of course). Every shrine and formation was hand built. The first one was started in 1927 by Father Wagner because of a promise he made to Mary. By 1928, a 12-year old boy by the name of Edmund Rybicki joined Father Rudolph and together they completed most of the shrines. It wasn’t until 1983 that the Grotto was completed. Today the Grotto is run by volunteers. To learn more about its history check out their website at The Rudolph Grotto Gardens.

The Grotto was built stone by stone. Many of them were brought to the Grotto from the farms throughout countryside.

There are dozens of shrines spread throughout the 5 acre gardens. This is one of the 14 stations of Christ.

Over a fifth of a mile long, the Wonder Cave was completely built by hand.

Throughout the cave there are 26 shrines. The Wonder Cave is modeled after the catacombs of Rome.