This is my second find of Polaroid pictures. They are the result of a Polaroid photo album I purchased online. The album arrived with nearly 100 pictures, most of which are Polaroids. Many of the photographs were taken with an early Polaroid camera using roll-film. Some of the pictures still had their pull-tab (which I have since removed), and a few were taken with, at the time, a new Polaroid camera.

MAD Magazines dated June 1965 and June 1966.

The title for this series of Found Memories comes from the Polaroid of the two MAD magazines. The one of the left is dated June 1965 and the one on the right is dated June 1966. I can't help but wonder if the fact that these two magazines are a year apart signifies something more than the photographer's love for MAD magazine.

Given the subjects and scenery in these Polaroids, I am guessing that the photographer was in the Air Force. The subjects stay the same from Polaroid to Polaroid, but I am not certain if one or all of them took the photos at one time or another.

Regardless of the mystery behind these Polaroids, I enjoy them for their nostalgia. Born in 1958, my brother was a huge collector of MAD magazines. I still remember spending summer afternoons reading through their pages some times getting the humor and other times it went completely over my head. It saddens me to think that these pictures are not with their owner or, at least, with a relative. Like the Mystery Wedding, every Polaroid tells a small part of a story. A photo album worth of Polaroids tells the complete story!

One last note, and for whatever it's worth. The order of these Polaroids are presented to the viewer in the exact order in which I found them in the photo album. (I'm not sure if that's meaningful or not.) Some of the plastic sleeves contained two Polaroids. I have excluded the non-Polaroid pictures only because, well, they're not Polaroids!